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New Orleans Claws

new orleans claws

The New Orleans Claws are a fictional football team that is part of the Ultimate Football League. The Claws play in the Atlantic Division of the Great East Conference.

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The New Orleans franchise, named the “Claws”, has a visual identity built around the crawfish and its importance in New Orleans culture. A freshwater shellfish that is considered a Louisiana delicacy, the crawfish has long been known as a symbol of the Cajuns, or the French pioneers that were driven out of Nova Scotia and settled in the southern Louisiana area. In 1983, Louisiana named the crawfish the first-ever state crustacean. 

The Claws sport a coral red and burgundy (on the purple spectrum) color scheme with hints of silver trim. The primary logo features a “Craw de Lis”, or a crawfish arranged in the shape of the traditional fleur de lis, and is seen on the helmet and shoulders of the team uniform. The custom typeface is a decorative block with varying contrasts between letters, creating a unique and ownable look.


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