Denver Avengers


Deliverables include:
primary logo, secondary logo, custom wordmark, custom number font, uniform design, apparel & merch design

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The goal: develop a logo system and visual identity for the Denver Avengers – a fictional football franchise that plays in the Canyon Division of the Great West Conference of the Ultimate Football League – that is appropriate for its location, sophisticated and versatile, and effectively executes a professional sports aesthetic. The final design should attempt to blur the line between real and fiction and should make it hard to determine whether or not the team is real.


The Denver Avengers team name was decided nearly 15 years ago based on assonance, although some loose correlations can be made to the team’s visual focus. The Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, Colorado’s state animal, is notorious for the aggressive headbutting exhibited when competing for leadership or a dominance hierarchy. The challengers that engage can collide at speeds up to 20 miles per hour. In addition to their agnostic behavior and aggressive courting strategies, these animals have great balance and agility in the rugged terrain.

The color scheme is spotlighted by a shade of aquamarine, the state gem of Colorado, that is paired with black and silver. The Avengers’ primary logo illustrates a charging ram lunging forward towards its opponent, constructed to feel dynamic when seen on the side of the team’s helmet. An obligatory “D” depictions of mountains in the shape is denoted as the secondary logo for Denver. The team’s custom wordmark and numbers feature wisps, swooping curves and drop shadows that harken back to 90s nostalgia, an important part of the team’s visual history.