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Dallas Talons

The Dallas Talons are a fictional football team that is part of the Ultimate Football League. The Talons play in the Central Division of the Great East Conference.

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The Dallas Talons franchise is named in honor of the national bird of the United States – the bald eagle – and its dangerous instincts in both hunting and defense situations. While also a symbol of both freedom and pride, the bald eagle is a bird of prey with powerful legs and 4 large talons on each foot; the hind toe in particular has a highly developed talon used to pierce the vital areas of prey while it is held immobile in a vice-like grip with its front toes. If threatened, the large and powerful bird may attack the suspected predator (of which there are few, if any) in self-defense or flee.


The team’s primary logo is the lone star of Texas gripped in the bald eagle’s 4 talons, with the secondary (attached) being the bird looking over the great state of Texas. The typeface is sleek and angular to mimic the characteristics of the bald eagle’s dangerous weapons.